About us

Vision Areas :

Krishak Bandhu is centered on four vision areas :

  • Self-sufficient home economy;
  • Optimum employment of family members;
  • Replenishment of nutritional nourishment from homestead; and
  • Eco-aesthetic environment.


Krishak Bandhu has a missionary mode of accomplishing its tasks as visioned :

    1. Each farming family should have a homestead complete enough to sustain his family of 4-5 members.
    2. Each farmer should focus on the main crop-activity to associate with his fellow-farmers.
    3. Farmers in a locality of 2-3 villages must form a group at least 20 fellow-farmers to work on a crop-activity jointly selected.
    4. Such crop-activity groups of at least 50 Nos. will be organized to form a Farmer Producer Organization (FPO).
    5. After proper orientation and training of the members, the FPO will be converted to a business entity registering it as a Farmer Producer Company (FPC).
    6. The FPC will guide and manage organized production of the crop-activities of the groups, make negotiations in the market on behalf of the groups of farmers and help in processing their surplus produces and value-add their commodities to get higher returns.
    7. Each FPC will have its own brand for its commodities and products to appeal consumers and compete in the market.

Kriskak Bandhu at a glance :

Krishak Bandhu means a friend of farmers. Everybody knows what a friend is. A friend is a large ‘Bata-briksha‘, which gives shelter, helps in need, guards always in times of distress and gives company in joyous occasions. We’ll try our best to make the e- magazine ‘Krishak Bandhu‘ a friend in need of farmers. Let it be an infallible ultimate weapon like ‘Brahmastra‘ of success for farmers and farming in Assam as well as the rest of North East India. We’ll ever strive that ‘Krishak Bandhu‘ increases eagerness of our young generation towards Agriculture and develops a craze to take Agriculture as an occupation and at best as a profession. In the farming sector, farmers, agricultural workers and Officers , agricultural scientists, agri-input dealers, NGOs working in the sector, financial organizations, and the Governments must work in close understanding, co-ordination and mutual co-operation. All the concerned stakeholders in Agriculture, Govt and Non-govt organizations, input dealers and farmers as well as interested persons must be aware of respective duties and responsibilities. There can be mass awareness created from time to time in a planned manner on agricultural technologies and skills. We are hopeful that ‘Krishak Bandhu‘ will be able to contribute to a small extent in the Digital India Programme of the Govt of India for a better India.

Our Logo :

Concept & Theme: Shri Manik CS Bordoloi;
Sketching to reality: Ms Bornali Sarma Boruah;
Digital Design: Akram Prodhani;
Meaning: A farmer, symbolizing our idol the great friend of farmers of all time Momai Tamuli Borborua, working in an ideal homestead having its all constituents like herbs, vegetables and fruit trees contributing to a self-sufficient home economy, replenishment of nutritional nourishment & optimum employment to all family members and an eco-aesthetic environment.

Website: www.krishakbandhu.org ; Developed by I-Innovation Technologies, Ulubari, Guwahati-7, Assam;India.