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Women Agri Entrepreneur of Assam-Sri Prafulla Kr Saikia

Nabanita Das perhaps popularly known as “Farm Daughter of Assam” ( “পথাৰ কন্যা”). Young girl of Potiafokola gaon ( near Nimati Ghat) of Jorhat. Lost her mother at the age of 4 , subsequently lost her father too very soon and started her early growing days with her Sister. She did her nursing courses ( as it was set by herself in her aims in life !) and after completion , joined in the nursing profession in various hospitals in 2003 and continued for 7 years. She left the nursing job , and looking opportunity for Agri Entrepreneurship after visiting the crops of her Bhindeu’s agriculrural farm . Decided to start her Agri Entreprenurship journey with a very small capital availbe at the 6 bighas of land belongs to her father. She does not have any formal training on Agricultural activities but took the assistance from her Bhindeu as well from the officers of Agriculture Deptt/ Agriculture University. In the first year i.e in 2010 she enjoyed the test of success, through planting of various high breed vegetables.Next year, started with mustered , potato etc in 80 bighas of land. Started a mustered oil extraction plant too , as well as a nursery at Potiagaon, also started cultivation of Black rice. She extended her Potia gaon firm to almost 10 acres and started cultivation of variou ravi crops , Assam lemon , Papaya , Apple Bar,Litchi, Bhut Jolokia ( King Chili), etc.
I got inspiration from her,perhaps she is the only girl in Assam, as on date , taking Agri Entrepreneurship as a profession. She herself took the responsibility for ploughing the field through Tractor, arranging water for plants , pest control etc to make all products Organic. She mentioned “Still, I am providing free services to farmers, as Nursing was my first profession. Service To man is Service to God.”
নৱনীতাৰ ভাল লগা কথাবোৰৰ ভিতৰত:
“মই ভাৱো,কৃষি কৰ্ম শ্ৰেষ্ঠ আৰু স্বাৱলম্বনৰ এখন স্বাধীন পথাৰ, সৃষ্টিত সদায় শ্ৰম থাকিবই, শ্ৰমহীন জীৱনৰ মূল্য নাই”
I Salute to Nabanita and all her Mentors for creation of such a dedicated hardworking girl to our Nation. She is doing her excellent works , despite all odds , working hard for such an achievement. Dozens of State n National awards with her credit , she was also a member of the team visited Vietnam recently.I can only pray for more sucess in her life. Our young entrepreneur may contact her at 7576918243.

Write up by Sri Prafulla Kumar Saikia, Retired Additional Director, Industry & Commerce, GoA.

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