Krishak Bandhu has a missionary mode of accomplishing its tasks as visioned :

    1. Each farming family should have a homestead complete enough to sustain his family of 4-5 members.
    2. Each farmer should focus on the main crop-activity to associate with his fellow-farmers.
    3. Farmers in a locality of 2-3 villages must form a group at least 20 fellow-farmers to work on a crop-activity jointly selected.
    4. Such crop-activity groups of at least 50 Nos. will be organized to form a Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO).
    5. After proper orientation and training of the members, the FPO will be converted to a business entity registering it as a Farmer Producer Company (FPC).
    6. The FPC will guide and manage organized production of the crop-activities of the groups, make negotiations in the market on behalf of the groups of farmers and help in processing their surplus produces and value-add their commodities to get higher returns.
    7. Each FPC will have its own brand for its commodities and products to appeal consumers and compete in the market.