The Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Authority (PPV&FRA) invites applications for the “Plant Genome Savior Farmer Reward” from the farmers engaged in the conservation of genetic resources of landraces and wild relatives of economic plants and their improvement through selection and preservation and the material so selected and preserved has been used as donors of gene in varieties registerable under the PPV&FR Act, 2001 (53 of 2001). There shall be maximum of 10 rewards (comprising of citation, memento and cash of Rs.One lakh Fifty Thousand each) in a year. It is essential for the applicants to forward their application through Chairperson or Secretary of the Concerned Panchayat Biodiversity Management Committee or Concerned District Agricultural Officer or Director of Research of concerned State Agriculture University or concerned District Tribal Development Office. Farmers whose applications are shortlisted for Reward and Recognition shall be required to deposit specified quantity of seeds or propagating material, which will be communicated later.
Application form: Application form and detailed guidelines may be downloaded from the website of the PPV & FR Authority ( or may be obtained in person or by post on any working day from the office of PPV&FR Authority or its branch offices at Ranchi and Guwahati between 9:00A.M to 5:30 P.M. Applications may be filed either in Hindi or English. There is no application fee and only complete form with supporting document(s) is to be submitted. The proposals should be duly verified by designated authorities as mentioned in the application form. If required, site verification may also be undertaken by the Authority and the decision of the Authority shall be final. The applications received after due date will be automatically treated as application for the next year award/reward/ recognition.
Let us know about the organisation ‘Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Authority (PPV&FRA)’ It has been established by the Central Government under the Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Act, 2001. The Authority grants exclusive rights to the breeders and farmers who have bred, evolved or developed any variety. The Protection of Plant Varieties & Farmers’ Rights Authority, under the provision of section 45 of PPV&FR Act, 2001 Rule 70 (2) (a) [PPV&FR Rules, 2003] has instituted Plant Genome Savior Community Award. Additionally, as per section 39 (1)(iii) of PPV&FR Act, 2001, the Central Government has notified the PPV&FR (Recognition and Reward from the Gene Fund) Rules, 2012 for rewarding and recognizing farmers.

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