You too can do it


People will laugh at you
People will ridicule you
People will make fun of you
People will insult you
People will ignore you
People will belittle you
People will oppose you

Yes..People have done that in the past when someone told them you can fly, when someone told them about mobile, when someone told them about rail or when someone told them about cars.. People have been doing it and will keep on doing it.
But crazy entrepreneurs have changed the world. Their innovation and creation have made them a legend. People are even calling Elon Musk a crazy person when he is talking to travel anywhere in the world in an hour or planning a colony on Mars.
If you’ve strong determination, passion, fire in the belly; you’re restless, fearless, and impatient; if you think your idea can make a difference, Go for it.
Challenges will be there and they’re obvious. Even a child is born after 9 months of struggle in the womb. Don’t be afraid of challenges. You were born beating millions of sperms. You’re a born ‘winner’.
Don’t worry about the people. The same people will clap for you on your success. They’ll tell everyone how they know you. Don’t fear the failure. Failure would be if won’t take the chance.

Show the world the power of your dreams. Show them you can win despite of all odds.

The following real story has been shared by Soumya Kanti Roy on LinkedIn recently and it is absolutely fits for this article:

Akash Chaurasia , the son of traditional betel farmers in MP, he joined MBBS but dropped out. His heart lay in agriculture. And he studied it by himself. For 5 years the 28-year-old’s working on natural and organic farming, inter cropping and multilayer farming. His techniques have helped local farmers boost their incomes 10x! Multilayer farming entails cultivating different crops on a single field. They are sequenced with varying heights and harvest cycles to ensure nonstop cultivation without any off-season. In his bamboo and grass farmhouse he grows ginger underground with amaranth and papaya above them and kudrun hanging in between. Ginger takes 2-3 months to grow. Amaranth and kudrun grow in 25 days. By the time they are cut and sold, papaya trees bear fruit. Likewise he grows potatoes with karela and brinjal above. Using organic manure made from cow/buffalo dung and earthworms and an insecticide he has made with 22 enzymes and 5 acids, he produced 12 varieties of tomatoes including 32 kgs from a single plant! In another incredible innovation he made organic composts 33% faster by making earthworms listen to classical instrumental music! In 2014 he established the Advanced Agricultural Education Council. He’s now building 42 farmhouses to educate 42000 farmers.

~Raj Grover ( )
Director – Digital Strategy and Transformation | Technology and Product Development | Startups
D Media Labs Punjabi University
Harrow, Greater London, United Kingdom.

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