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Before I proceed with the article on startups, I would like you to click on these two links and read about the innovation work happening in the agriculture sector across the globe and in India:
1. Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/maggiemcgrath/2017/06/28/the-25-most-innovative-ag-tech-startups/amp/
2. India: http://www.iamwire.com/2017/01/10-agri-tech-social-enterprises-india/147502
Startup is an execution of an idea to implement innovative and / or scientific methods to resolve the demand or problem of the traditional methods of operations, using latest technology. It can be new products, or services and the purpose is to ease the overall process. When successfully implemented, it can lead to commercialization and revenue generation.
In the last few years, many successful startups have changed the ways of our life style. Either it is digital revolution in the banking and finance sectors, transportation, healthcare, retail / shopping, or into the agriculture, food (organic farming), IT, or entertainment (gaming, movie tickets), life is no longer the same as it used to be.
With a few clicks on BHIM or PayTM, you can make payments to anyone or pay your bills. With few clicks on Ola and Uber, you can have taxi at your doorsteps. With few clicks on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, you can order any fashion items to wear or to buy any gadgets. You can book the movie tickets with Book My Show or flight / train tickets or hotel books from Make My Trip and Yatra apps. You can book appointment with doctor using Practo. Access to the organic food is no longer difficult job. Technology has made our life so easy and comfortable.
Now how that all has been made possible. The above mentioned examples were just the ideas in someone’s mind. They are the entrepreneurs who went after their passion to do something different in life. They took the risk, work with full determination and gave the shape to their ideas. Many entrepreneurs have failed many times before getting any success and it was not an overnight success. Entrepreneurs have tough journey, but they are focused and not distracted by critics or naysayers. They have a vision for their product.

Now the question for this article is why young generation should choose entrepreneurship or startup journey and do something of their own?

About 90% of the startups have been conceptualised by young students while studying in their colleges or universities. That is the best time, when you want to do something in life. You are full of energy and enthusiasm. You have loads of ideas. Many ideas are quite revolutionary. And that is the best time to do experiments as you are not afraid of failures. Failure is a part of the success journey.
Startup gives you an opportunity to give the shape to your ideas. These ideas can be from anywhere like solving problems of the farmers in the field, or how to save the sensitive crops from high temperature or how to increase the productivity of the fields or how to sale the fruits and vegetables directly to the consumers and removing any middlemen / commissions. Just look around you. You will find many problems and you can use your innovative and creative approach to solve those problems. And with the successful solution, you can expand it to make a commercially viable product. You can give employment to many people in your startup.
Look at the following infographics from CB Insight and see how startups are revolutionising the agriculture sector and helping the farmers in many ways:

Government of India has various schemes to support the startups especially in agriculture and farming (Organic) sector. Even the government of Assam has started many initiatives to encourage the startups coming with innovative ideas to ease the life of farmers.
Therefore if you have any ideas and you think it can make a difference in the society or change the life of the people, go for it. Even if failed, you will get to learn a lot from the startup journey, which is full of excitements, ups and downs, and an opportunity to learn so much from the market, investors, technology experts, sales, logistics and transport etc. Do not be afraid to fail, take risk. You never know how your idea can change someone’s life and of course your life as well. Sky is the limit for the entrepreneurs. You just need to take the initiative. One small step can begin you wonderful journey towards fulfilling your dream.

Author: Mr Raj Grover, Director, Digital Strategy and Transformation; Technology and Product Development; Startups; Punjabi University, Harrow, Greater London, UK.


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